Bitcoin Caribbean Poker: Your Quick Guide

How to Play Bitcoin Caribbean Poker

What Are Bitcoin Caribbean Poker Games All About?

In case you were wondering what Bitcoin poker games are all about, they are simply online poker games played with a unique ‘digital currency’ known as Bitcoin. Presently, only a handful of quality Bitcoin casinos exist but that number is growing all the time. There are many advantages to playing Bitcoin Caribbean Poker Games online, including the ease of making deposits and withdrawals, negligible fees, and relative anonymity. Combine that with the ability to play Bitcoin Caribbean Poker anytime you want – on smartphones, PCs or tablets, and you’re onto something big.

Bitcoin poker involves the use of digital currency, otherwise known as cryptocurrency. Bitcoin ‘creation’ is capped at 21 million coins and no more. This means that there is a finite number available and the only way to get your hands on Bitcoin is to mine it, or to buy it at a Bitcoin Exchange. You will use your Bitcoin Wallet to transfer funds safely into your Bitcoin Poker room or Bitcoin Casino so that you can play Bitcoin Caribbean Poker.  Bitcoin poker rooms and casinos are not subject to the same restrictions as online casinos. Since no banks or financial institutions are involved in transferring money, you can play at your leisure.

How do you Play Caribbean Poker with Bitcoin?

Caribbean Poker has been around for quite some time, decades in fact. It goes by another name – Caribbean Stud Poker – and it is a particular favourite at live casinos. The rules of the game are really easy to understand, and now poker fans can enjoy this self-same variant at their favourite Bitcoin Poker Rooms or Bitcoin Casinos. Many Bitcoin Caribbean Stud Poker sites exist out there, including Vegas Casino, CloudBet, Mbit and others. The question you’re probably asking is how do you know that the Bitcoin Casino you have chosen is guaranteed safe and fair? It is important to trust but verify the claims of online casinos. Fortunately, RNGs (Random Number Generators) that are independently audited guarantee the outcomes of spins or deals.

After each hand has been dealt, you can ascertain whether the results are provably fair. These strings are not always checked by players, but anyone with the requisite skills can easily validate this at any time. The house edge is the casino edge and it indicates what percentage of every $1 or in this case every BTC goes to the house on average. Proof of fairness is available at many online casinos, and it is worth your while ensuring that you’re playing Caribbean Stud poker at provably fair casinos.

Big Plus Points of Playing Bitcoin Caribbean Stud Poker

The main advantage to playing Caribbean Stud Poker at a Bitcoin Casino is anonymity. You don’t need to input any personal details such as your name, last name or address. There is no need to input your Social Security number, or your ID number since the Bitcoin Casino does not require this information. What is needed however is an email address – you don’t even need any documentation when you’re ready to withdraw your winnings or your funds. With Bitcoin Caribbean Stud Poker, there is no geolocation tracking and anyone anywhere can play. It is advisable to use a VPN when playing with cryptocurrency like BTC at online casinos.

If you’ve checked around enough, you will see that SoftSwiss software powers many of the platforms where Caribbean Stud Poker is played. Getting started with Caribbean Stud Poker is fairly straightforward. You typically bet or raise when you have an Ace/King combination or higher. Every other hand that you may be dealt is typically folded. You may be tempted to raise on other hands, but when the dealer doesn’t qualify you would typically lose more in the long-term if you follow this strategy. Caribbean Stud Poker games feature a jackpot side bet. This is also the case in Bitcoin Caribbean Stud Poker. The side bet feature increases your payout potential, but if you want to limit the house edge you should avoid this type of wager.

Standard Rules for Bitcoin Caribbean Stud Poker

As mentioned above, the rules of play are really simple with this game. It is not necessarily a skill-based game, since everything is determined from the get-go via a random deal. Your hand will instantly be compared to the dealer’s hand after a rapid qualifying round. This game goes toe to toe with video poker games as one of the quickest poker games on the planet, and you can enjoy it at any of the ranking Bitcoin Poker Rooms. With Caribbean Stud poker, you can win big with your ante-bet. And you don’t play against other players, since the game is a matchup between you and the dealer. The rounds are lightning fast, and you can cycle through plenty of hands every session. Most Bitcoin poker rooms allow you to wager from as little as 0.000001 BTC (Bitcoin), and if you want to up the stakes, you’re welcome to contact the Bitcoin Casino to do precisely that.

Bitcoin Caribbean Poker in Action

First off, choose your preferred betting stakes – minimums and maximums. Choose the type of table that you’d like to play out – either classical or digital (if available) and the number of hands you would like to play. Many online casinos will even offer the option of turbo mode and background music. Remember that the dealer must qualify with an Ace/King combination or higher. There are 3 types of betting possibilities on the screen including call, ante and jackpot. First pick your wager and place the Ante-Bet then click the deal button. You will then be required to place your call bet. The dealer’s cards will be evaluated against your cards and whoever has the higher hand will win the pot.

  • A standard deck of cards is used and shuffled prior to every hand being dealt.
  • Before you begin, you must place an Ante Bet.
  • Next up, you will receive 5 face up cards and the dealer will receive 1 face up card and 4 pocket cards.
  • To challenge the dealer, you must place a call bet. Your other option is to surrender. Remember that the call bet is twice the size of the Ante Bet.
  • If you fold your hand, you forfeit the original Ante Bet. The dealer must qualify with at least 1 x Ace or 1 x King. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, you receive an even money payout on your Ante Bet. Your Call Bet will also be returned with no extra payout.
  • You have the option to clear your bets or place fresh new bets.
  • Many Bitcoin Caribbean Poker games allow the multihand feature where you can play 3 hands at the same time. The rules are identical to games where just 1 hand is played.
  • Payouts are made according to the hand that is formed. The highest ranking hand is a Royal Flush and the lowest ranking hand is a pair. If you hit a Royal Flush, you will win the entire progressive jackpot, and if you hit 3 of a kind, you typically win 5 for 1.
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