Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker

The Tips & Tricks of Playing Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker

What is Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker?

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular poker variants in the world. This game features 2 hole cards, The Flop, Turn and The River. Players can use any combination of cards to form the best 5-card hand for each game. In Texas Hold’em, you compete against other players at your table by whittling down the competition until just 2 players remain in the showdown. The size of the poker pot depends on the buy-in, and the number of players competing for the prize pool. Bitcoin Texas Hold’em makes it possible for online poker players anywhere to enjoy real-money poker games. Instead of playing with fiat currency, you will be depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin (BTC). Even the small blinds, big blinds, buy-ins and raises are paid for with Bitcoin.

In recent years, Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker has enjoyed a spike in popularity. In fact, since it was introduced as the premier game at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) it has gained traction with a worldwide player base. Thanks to ESPN, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) was televised to poker fans on all five continents. Back in 2003, Chris Moneymaker qualified for the WSOP by playing in online tournaments. He subsequently went on to win the tournament which featured No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker (NLH) at the Main Event. The upsurge in popularity of this game since then has been nothing short of profound. Nowadays, Texas Hold’em Poker is the world’s #1 favorite game at online poker rooms and land-based casinos the world over. The rise of Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker has been phenomenal, and many players are turning to this form of poker for a more secure, anonymous and enriching experience.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker

Fortunately, whether you’re playing Texas Hold’em Poker at a traditional Las Vegas casino or a Bitcoin poker room, the rules of the game are the same. In 2011, Bitcoin poker rooms came into being. In fact, the very first one was Seals with Clubs and it opened its doors in August 2011. Since then, the poker room has shuttered and is now under the control of SWC Poker. One of the first things you need to know about Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker is that it is much quicker to deposit and withdraw your funds than with fiat currency. Plus, you get the added advantage of anonymous payments processing. Whether you are playing poker in a regulated market or an unregulated market, Bitcoin Texas Hold’em poker sites allow you to play without let or hindrance, any time you want. Consider the costs of withdrawing your winnings at a typical poker room – there are bank wire charges, delays, commissions and other fees levied on withdrawals. None of this is the case with Bitcoin Texas Hold’em, and you don’t even need to wait for deposits to be processed. When it comes to withdrawing your funds, this is typically accomplished within a day, sometimes even a couple of hours.

If you are a new player, you’re in luck because Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker is an easy game to learn. Recall that there are 2 pocket cards/hole cards followed by 3 stages of community cards being dealt. These include the Flop, the Turn and the River. In Texas Hold’em, multiple betting options are available to you in the game including bet, check or raise after each round of betting has commenced. There are 4 betting rounds in the game including the pre-flop, the post-flop, the Turn and the River. You can make use of any combination of cards in Texas Hold’em poker to form the best 5-card hand. You can even play the board if you wish – that means you play the 5 community cards. Typically, the Texas Hold’em player with the best 5 card hand will win the poker pot. If players tie, then the pot will be split amongst them. If you’re playing Bitcoin Texas Hold’em poker in a cash game format, the poker pot is made up of all the money contributed by the players when they pay their buy-ins.

Play for Big Pots with Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker

With Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker, the objective is not to win all hands, it is to use your playing smarts, and psychology to outwit the players every step of the way. There are specific tactics and strategies you can employ when betting, raising, folding or checking, and these will help you to gain maximum advantage during the rounds of play. In the long-term, this can increase your winnings. Players around the world agree that Bitcoin Texas Hold’em poker is an easy game to play, and it offers you all the added advantages of anonymity, security and real money entertainment without any of the regulatory pressures on payment processing options. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker is a great way to immerse yourself in the highly competitive world of poker online.

Good to Know: Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker

There are multiple Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker variants available, including Blind Man’s Bluff, Pineapple, Chowaha, Double Flop Hold’em, Omaha, Speed Hold’em and Tahoe Poker. There are also various ‘limit’ formats available for the game including Fixed Limit (FL), Pot Limit (PL) and No Limit (NL). Among poker players, there is only one variant that stands head and shoulders above the rest – No Limit Texas Hold’em. When playing Bitcoin Texas Hold’em Poker it is always a good idea to claim a generous first deposit bonus, reload bonuses or VIP points if available. It is good to know that when you play Texas Hold’em Poker online, the fact that there are lower fees translates into more poker pots for players. And since you don’t have to worry about any of the officially endorsed Bitcoin poker rooms being seized by the authorities, you can play at your convenience. It is impossible for the authorities to freeze the transfer of Bitcoins, since they were designed using complex mathematical programs with open source code on a decentralised system.

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