What is the Best VPN for Online Poker?

• VPNs and Online Poker – What’s Best for You?

What is a VPN and Why Should You Use One?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a group of discreet networks that are interlinked within a public network. Both businesses and individuals can use VPNs to encrypt and secure their Internet communication. To get started with a VPN, you must first commission the services of a virtual private network – there are many such VPNs on the Internet. You will need to create an account with a VPN client and then login with your username/password combination. Your computer will then be connected to a distant (remote) server which will then access your Internet traffic for you. The benefit of using a VPN is that your online poker sessions will be encrypted. This means that authorities will be unable to track Bitcoin online poker sessions back to your computer.

VPNs are nothing new. If you have ever streamed a movie from a torrent website, or perhaps even downloaded music or movies using things like BitTorrent or Torrentz, then you know all too well about the importance of a VPN to encrypt your Internet traffic. Since online poker falls into a grey area, it’s important to safeguard yourself and your gaming sessions as best you can. A VPN is an additional security layer that camouflages your activity on the Internet. This is especially important when you using a public Wi-Fi connection such as an Internet cafe, your favorite Starbucks, hotel internet or airport Internet. The best way to get started with a VPN is to login to one whenever you’re using a public Internet connection. This is especially true if you’re playing Bitcoin poker online. Since Bitcoin transactions can theoretically be intercepted by third parties, you want to ensure that your traffic is always encrypted.

How do you choose a secure VPN?

Virtual private networks feature multiple aspects that you need to consider before choosing one over another. These include the cost of joining the VPN, the server locations, connectivity and so forth. It’s also important to distinguish VPNs based on their ability to circumvent restrictions that are placed on apps and services. Since Bitcoin online poker does not require much downloading, it is the anonymity that players are trying to protect by using a VPN. The most commonly used VPN protocol is SSL – secure socket layer protection. For the most part end users do not see the solutions in any event. If you are playing Bitcoin poker online and the specific poker room that you are playing at only allows players from the UK and Europe to play, you may want to access a VPN server in the UK or Europe. This is one of the most commonly cited reasons for using a VPN. Many poker rooms restrict members to regulated jurisdictions only. US players are particularly vulnerable since they are excluded from many regulated online poker rooms. As a Bitcoin poker player, you will want to utilize the services of a secure VPN to access the online poker room of your choice.

Are VPNs good substitutes for antivirus and anti-spyware programs?

Virtual private networks do not protect you from vulnerabilities on the Internet. As much as possible, the secure website browsing protocol HTTPS should be used. Further, it is vital that you access websites and poker rooms that are trusted. If you’re using a bundled service with a VPN, especially one that works on mobile (iOS and Android) and PC, you will want to be sure that anti-malware protections are offered too. A VPN simply masks your computer from prying eyes – it doesn’t protect you from Trojans or malware that may infect your computer while you are browsing the web. Price is a factor which is often brought into the equation. Expensive VPN providers are not necessarily the best providers although a subscription service is typically a more credible option. There are all sorts of VPN providers out there including HMA (HideMyAss), WiTopia, TorGuard, TorVPN, proXPN and others. Many of them are designed to safeguard downloads of music, movie and image files, but online gaming is also a popular reason for using VPNs.

What is the best VPN for Bitcoin poker?

The controversial nature of online poker is the top reason why serious poker players use VPNs to access online poker rooms. There are many countries around the world that do not allow online gambling in any form including Israel, Pakistan, Russia and India. Players in these countries naturally want to exercise their right to play for real money if they so desire. One way around the regulations is the use of VPNs. Certain countries prevent players from accessing online gambling in any way shape or form while others limit gambling to specific jurisdictions (New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware). In all instances, privacy is a concern for players, since identity theft and exposure to risk are high. Recall that the VPN serves as an intermediary between your Internet connection and your computer. Your IP address will not be exposed, since you will be using the IP address of the VPN server that you are logging into. This means that any geographical limitations on your Bitcoin poker exploits are nullified.

Features of Bitcoin Online Poker VPNs

All of your data will be encrypted and there will be zero data leaks and complete online protection of all your online gaming activity. For these reasons, the use of a VPN service is recommended. It covers all potential breadcrumbs that you may leave in your online trail and your identity will be concealed. When using Bitcoin to play online poker, you want to ensure that the no-logs policy is maintained at all times. You also want to guarantee additional layers of encryption and the speed of your connection. According to research, ExpressVPN is the world’s quickest virtual private network. Thanks to 256-bit encryption technology with 100+ server locations, the no-log policy makes it ideal for Bitcoin poker play. Another high-quality VPN network – IPVanish – is highly recommended by Bitcoin poker players. Again, no logs are maintained and the virtual network utilises 256-bit encryption protocols for complete anonymity. There are no bandwidth limitations and Bitcoin can be used. This VPN network has servers in 60+ countries with attentive customer support.

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